Growing contract for chile peppers



Are you a hot sauce maker? Chef looking to add some unique peppers to your menu? Let me grow for you.



The minimum is 25lbs

Prices per lb will be decided upon consultation but here is an idea at what prices look like:

Superhots are 20-25$ lb

Heavier mid sized peppers that typically start ripening in July are about 7-10$ lb 

Very long season peppers like Queen Laurie, Amarillo, rocoto  17- 20$ lb

Very small peppers like Charapita are sold by the oz and are 5$ oz with a 5 lb min


I supply the seeds ( you can let me know if you have a special request on a seed supplier)

You are welcomed to schedule a visit during the grow season

The deposit is 50% of your total requested amount. Then you pay 50% for every pick up we have fulfilled the order.

Once i have fulfilled your order, the rest of the chiles are sold at regular price and available to our restaurants, CSA etc...  Make sure you order enough as the rest will not be available at your discounted wholesale price. 

I like to have all my seeds ordered before January 1 so payment is due by December 1rst.

Contact me Shirley