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Sparkling, rosy grass for late summer and fall.

This late-season grass is the perfect color for late summer and fall arrangements, containers, and garden beds. 3–6" long, gracefully arched, rose gold to dusty rose plumes can be used as fresh or dried cut flowers. Panicles lighten in color when dried but maintain a rosy hue. 18–24" stems float above the compact, mounded grass clumps, making them easy to pluck from the plants. The thin stems are best suited for design work and are not recommended for when something sturdy is needed. Very attractive in the garden or in containers with sage-green, compact plants and rosy, sparkling plumes that dance in the light. Tender perennial in Zones 9–10, but typically grown as an annual. Also known as ruby grass, pink bubble grass, mountain red top, bristle-leaved red top.
Ht. 18–24"