Strawflower - Silvery Rose

Strawflower - Silvery Rose

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Profuse bloomers for fresh or dried arrangements.

Tall, well-branched plants produce double flowers 2–2 1/2" across. Blooms are pure to creamy white and frosted with rose at the petal tips. Rose coloring is subtler on young blooms and darkens as they mature and open. Also known as bracted strawflowerLIGHT PREFERENCE:Sun.

PLANT HEIGHT:36-40". May require some support.




VASE LIFE:7-10 days.


HARVEST:Keep blooms harvested or deadheaded for optimal yields. Fresh or dried: Cut when 2-3 layers of petals have unfolded but before flowers fully open to reveal center. Note: Blooms that are very open, past optimal maturity will close in the dark of night and on dark, overcast days. These blooms can appear as if they are at the at a good stage for cutting, though they are overmature. To avoid these misleading blooms, harvest on bright mornings or let your harvested blooms set in light for a few hours. Overmature blooms should open back up for identification and discard. Avoiding overmature blooms is especially important if being used for drying as blooms continue to open during the drying process. When dried, overmature blooms will shatter (fall apart) and appear discolored.

SOIL REQUIREMENTS:Average soil with good drainage.

USES:Excellent dried flower. Borders and back of beds.

Seed, info and photo from Johnny's Seed