Talinum- Limon (Edible)

Talinum- Limon (Edible)

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Easy-to-grow plants add unique sparkle to bouquets.

Stems of glossy, bead-like seed pods make any bouquet or arrangement shimmer. Densely branching plants yield multiple cuts over a long harvest window (4–6 weeks). Bright pink flowers quickly mature to shiny seed pods in hues of deep-red, chocolate, and copper. Plants produce small pink flowers that are not useful for cutting, so it is best to harvest when stems turn dark red and most of the flowers on the stem have matured into seed pods. Attractive lime green foliage is borne on compact, mounding plants. The heat- and drought-resistant plants also produce edible greens with a mild flavor and succulent texture. Also known as Jewels of Opar, fame flower, and flame flower. Ht. 32–40"




HARVEST:After flowers have dropped, berries have formed, and stems have turned from a fresh green color to a darker and more red color. Foliage is a mild-tasting edible green.

SOIL REQUIREMENTS:Average, well-drained soil.

USES:Stems of berries make an excellent, textural bouquet filler. Bedding, borders, and containers.

Seed, info and photo from Johnny's Seed