Yalova Akköy Okra Plant

Yalova Akköy Okra Plant

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1 plant in a 4 inch cup

Introduced by Two Seeds in a Pod and the following description is from their site:

Phonetically pronounced: yell-oh-wa -ak-coy

Widely known as Sultani among growers, Yalova Akköy is one of the most popular Turkish okra varieties. Vigorous plants start producing long, light green pods in 45-50 days. Pods hardly get fibrous, and are not as slimy as most other varieties, when pickled. If you want to make a meal out of okra, we also recommend you to soak the sliced pods in lemon-water before cooking, to take the slime away.

Co-owner Mehmet Öztan typically harvests the pods the way his mom would buy the pods from the grocery store. Mehmet says: “I pick the long, slender pods for the best flavor and tenderness.”

This okra was unanimously picked by all 15 judges as the winner of a taste test among 60 okra varieties, conducted in 2018 by Chris Smith for his comprehensive book about okra, The Whole Okra: A Stem to Stem Celebration. We highly recommend you to have a copy of the book. It is loaded with information from growing okra to okra recipes to various uses of this amazing vegetable.

Many thanks to folks, specifically Leah Smith, at Sow True Seed for making it possible to have substantial seed stock grown for this okra so that we can offer it in our catalog. 

Our current seed stock was grown by Browntown Farms of Freeman, VA.

Please visit Two Seeds in a Pod for an amazing variety of Turkish Seeds.