We decided to post some questions with answers we are getting as they may be useful to you. 

 -I am looking to build a little garden on my balcony this summer. Probably in pots and railing flower type beds. What can you suggest for me to plants and grow ? 

For the railing baskets I would stick to greens and herbs. Perpetual spinach, and herbs should be a single planting and last you all summer. Other things like lettuce, spinach , Asian greens need to be replanted after a bit which is called succession planting. 

In your smaller pots you can do larger greens like kale, Swiss chard, collards. Medium to large pots are good for peppers, tomatoes, eggplant , and even zucchini. If you can tie to grow up you can do cucumber, peas or climbing beans. Sun is important.


-Just wondering about your tomato and other seedlings are they typically sold as 4 packs or other ways?

If it is not stated you are buying a single plant in a 4 inch pot.  Some 4 inch pots such herbs have more than one seedling in the 4 inch pot.   All items that are a 4 packs will be noted in description.   


- When can I pick up my plants

Some plants are available to pick up now and they are in the Available Now Category.  They are cold tolerant crops.  This category gets new inventory as plants are ready.

Non frost tolerant plants like tomatoes and peppers are available to order but not available to pick up until at least mid may and beyond.   They should not be planted to end of May. 

Some plants in the available now category can not wait till may to be picked up...they will not be good anymore. They have been clearly marked in description.