We like to take the time to thank our seed suppliers.  Chez Nous Farms does not sell seeds only plants. If you are looking for seeds I highly encourage to check these guys out.  I appreciate their hard work and their generosity of allowing me to use some of their info and photos to help make sure my customers have a pleasant and informative shopping experience. 

Johnny's Seeds

Seed Savers

Bakers Creek Seeds

Uprising Seeds

Artisan Seeds

The Northern Gardener

Croatian Seeds

T & T Seeds

Thresh Seed Company

Refining Fire Chiles

Gretas Organic Seeds

Wild Boar Farms

Row 7 Seeds

Welsh Dragon Chile Seeds

 Small Island Seed Co

West Coast Seeds

Stoke Seeds

Richters Herbs 

Kitchen Table Seed House

Sandia Seed Company

Fatalii Seeds

Atlantic Pepper Seeds